china supplier Sigriner Universal Economical Right-Angle Output Planetary Gearbox,  high torque, specially equipped with servo motor manufacturers

Solution Description

PLDR/PLDR+ninety Level 2

STAGE Stage Stage 2
Reduction ratio i 15 sixteen 20 25 thirty 35 forty fifty sixty 70 80 100
Rated output torque T2N Nm 130 135 110 one hundred forty five 145 135 a hundred twenty five 110 one hundred forty a hundred thirty five 110 a hundred and ten 1185 1195 974 1260 1260 1195 1012 974 1239 1195 974 974
Emergency braking torque
Permit one thousand times in the operating existence of the gearbox
T2NOt Nm 3 x NOM.Output
Rated enter speed
(T2N, 20°C ambient temperature)
N 1n rpm 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Greatest enter speed n 1max rpm 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000
Optimum return clearance jt arcmin PLDR60≤8ARCMIN   PLDR+60≤5ARCMIN  Custom made≤3ARCMIN
No-load torque
(nt=3000rmp, gearbox 20°C)
T 012 Nm one.two one.2 1.two one.2 one.2 one.2 1.two one.two 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.1 11. 11. eleven. 11. eleven. eleven. eleven. 11. eleven. 11. eleven. 10.
Torsional rigidity C t21 Nm/ arcmin 10 / arcmin 89
Maximum radial force F 2AMAX N 2500
lbf 550
Maximum axial pressure F 3RMAX N 2000
  lbf 450
Maximum roll torque M 2KMax Nm 236 2089
Working existence Lh hr ≥20000
Efficiency at complete load η % ninety two
Ambient temperature ºC -15~forty
F five~104
The highest allowable temperature of the shell ºC +ninety
F 194
Lubricating   Daily life CZPT
The direction of rotation   Enter and output in the identical route
Defense stage   IP65
Installation course   Any
Working noise              (i=10 and n1=3000rpm no load) LPA              dB(A) ≤58
Rotary inertia J1 Kg.cmtwo 4.1 4.1 four.1 four.1 3.sixty 3.60 3.sixty three.sixty three.60 three.60 three.60 3.60 3.sixty 3.sixty three.sixty three.60

Fast variety of dimension
  PLDR(figure: i=4)                                                                                                     PLDR/PLDRSubstantial PRECISION(figure: i=4)            
  Applicable to periodic operating days (ED≤60%)                                                       Applicable to periodic functioning times (ED≤60%)

Design & technology

Technological providers:

  • According to the appropriate parameters presented by the CZPT er, the SIGRINER CZPT computer software is utilised to produce the movement load curve diagram of the system products to get the corresponding parameters and derive the motion load curve. Intuitively screen important parameters and load indexes in the transmission technique to support CZPT ers have out realistic structural design and style.
  • SIGRINER offers a motor database from five hundred servo motor makers CZPT

Consumer education:
We are honored to offer you with CZPT applied computing and transmission style skills. We can offer pertinent education in accordance to your wants. You should make contact with CZPT engineer, or ship an electronic mail to:  

Specialized screening center

Sector application

  • We give CZPT provide and robust assistance all over the entire world via a complete product sales and support network
  • With a long time of rich experience, CZPT authoritative professionals give industry-foremost consulting providers for CZPT industrial sectors
  • Robotics, automation and manipulator technological innovation

A assortment of servo gearboxes and mechanical transmission systems, from inexpensive to higher-stop models can be applied to CZPT robots and their auxiliary axes, this sort of as transmission shafts and station management gadgets

  • Printing machine 

Revolutionary gearbox guarantees steadiness, synchronization accuracy and CZPT -phrase precision even at substantial speeds
The ideal answer for high-quality printing procedures and other continuous duty purposes
Option: built-in sensor for monitoring paper pressure and comparable parameters

  • Device equipment and manufacturing programs

Large precision, stable operation and substantial performance are all derived from secure, zero backlash and high rigidity mechanical method remedies, this kind of as the software of goods on feed, rotation and auxiliary axes

  • Food and packaging machinery 

A series of gearboxes specifically developed for CZPT shafts used in the area of packaging technological innovation (such as gearboxes with anti-corrosion design)-can improve function efficiency, mechanical overall flexibility and cycle velocity

  • Textile machine 

Characteristics of SIGRINER CZPT planetary gearbox

  • Really higher CZPT density, torque increased by forty%
  • Easy motor set up, optional installation with size payment
  • Versatile set up, the gearbox can be put in vertically, horizontally, and up or down together with the driven shaft
  • Quite large positioning accuracy, return clearance is much less than arc minutes
  • By means of CZPT cal equipment meshing, the operation is secure, and the running sound is significantly less than 50dB-A
  • The world’s foremost lifestyle expectancy, and the uncooked materials and mechanism of the seal ring have been optimized


china  supplier Sigriner Universal Economical Right-Angle Output Planetary Gearbox,  high torque, specially equipped with servo motor manufacturers