china best PBMD/PBMD+ HIGH PRECISION gearbox for printing machine manufacturers

Product Description

Minimal backlash large revolving velocity gearbox  
Regular specification utilize to high positioning accuracy and substantial dynamic period of time operating system 
Particularly for repeatedly perform in higher revolving speed 
PBMD/PBMD*High PRECISION needed way to substantial efficiency  
Dimension selection 
PBMD (i=4)                                                              PBMD+ HIGH PRECISION (i=4)

Equipment ratio i three 4 five seven 8 ten  
Rated output torque
(1000 moments is authorized in CZPT )
T 2N Nm fifteen seventeen twenty 18 17 15 133 a hundred and fifty 177 159 a hundred and fifty 133  
T 2NOt Nm 1.5xNOM.Output/ 1.5 occasions rated output torque
Rated input RPM (T2N, 20ºC environment temperature) b N 1n rpm 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000  
Max. Enter RPM N 1max rpm 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000  
Max.backlash J t arcmin PBMD40≤5 ARCMIN
Max.radical force F 2AMAX N 300
ibf 68
Max.axial drive F 3RMAX N 180
ibf 41
Max.side force M 2KMAX Nm  
Function life L h hr  ≥20000 
Totally loaded efficiency η % 95
Environment temperature ºC -15 to 40 
F 5 to 104 
Allowable optimum temperature
of shell
ºC +ninety
F 194
Lubrication   Synthetic Grease
Rotation route   Input/output with exact same direction 
Defense course   IP65 
Set up route   Any/ any direction 
Operating sound
(i=ten and n1=3000rpm no-load)
Lpa        dB(A) ≤65 
Moment of inertia J1 Kg.cm² .three .three .three .3 .3 .3 .3 .three .three .3 .three .three  

  Layout & technology

Complex providers:

  • According to the relevant parameters offered by the CZPT er, the SIGRINER CZPT application is employed to develop the motion load curve diagram of the system products to obtain the corresponding parameters and derive the motion load curve. Intuitively display critical parameters and load indexes in the transmission program to aid CZPT ers carry out realistic structural design and style.
  • SIGRINER gives a motor databases from five hundred servo motor companies CZPT

Buyer coaching:
We are honored to offer you with CZPT utilized computing and transmission layout experience. We can provide relevant instruction in accordance to your demands. Remember to make contact with CZPT engineer, or send an e mail to: us

Characteristics of SIGRINER CZPT planetary gearbox

  • Very high CZPT density, torque improved by forty%
  • Straightforward motor installation, optional installation with size compensation
  • Adaptable set up, the gearbox can be mounted vertically, horizontally, and up or down together with the driven shaft
  • Quite large positioning precision, return clearance is much less than arc minutes
  • By way of CZPT cal gear meshing, the procedure is steady, and the managing noise is considerably less than 50dB-A
  • The world’s top lifestyle expectancy, and the raw components and system of the seal ring have been optimized


china  best PBMD/PBMD+ HIGH PRECISION gearbox for printing machine manufacturers